Our Therapy

We follow the ILADS standards and offer our patients an individual and integrative treatment including all-round care with daily rounds.

Antibiotic therapy According to ILADS guideline

Antibiotic therapy is administered orally or intravenously, depending on the patient.


We add a probiotic and micronutrients to our therapies and are also able to treat completely naturopathically. We can intensify these therapies by using nosodes and biophotons.


Vitamins and micronutrients adapted to the patient's symptoms.

Whole body

Through a controlled body heating process, the body's defences are mobilised and the breakdown of deposited toxins is improved

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Medical ozone activates the metabolism, improves oxygen transport and tissue oxygen uptake.

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Light influences health, performance, general well-being, state of mind and ability to learn and concentrate.

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Individual Nutritional Recommendation

Instructions for a healthy and balanced diet with a special focus on more alkaline nutrition.

Magnetic field

The pulsating magnetic field system, which penetrates deep into the body, influences the electrical potential of the cells and stimulates them to activity.

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Oxygen therapy supplies oxygen (O2) to the blood. The body needs large amounts of oxygen to produce energy.

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Extended services

The therapy can be individually extended with the following services

Together with vitamins, amino acids and minerals, the therapy is carried out as an infusion. While the infusion solution slowly circulates through the veins, the metal ions are bound and excreted through the kidneys. This reduces inflammation in the body.

Acupuncture needles can be used to stimulate so-called trigger points and thereby loosen muscular and fascial hardening. The insertion of the needle at the acupuncture point activates so-called reflex arcs in the spinal cord, which inhibit pain, loosen the muscles and relax organs (e.g. the stomach).

After a long-term antibiotic treatment, a chemotherapy or a detox disorder affecting the body, toxins accumulate in our body which can possibly trigger further illnesses. In our experience, it also has a positive effect on an upcoming therapy if detoxification is carried out before such a therapy. We offer a programme of special detoxification infusions for this purpose. In addition to a high dose of vitamin C, this also contains certain amino acids, other vitamins and special detox agents against heavy metals, with which we want to support our own detox and elimination function.

To support the therapy of chronic infections with bacteria, viruses and parasites, we offer an infusion concept that promotes healing, strengthens the immune system, reduces inflammatory reactions and treats mitochondrial disease. This can be supplemented by light therapy, ozone therapy, magnetic field therapy and hyperthermia. Just get in touch with us. We will develop a therapy concept adapted to your needs.

Biophoton therapy stimulates the production of endorphins, which inhibit pain and are produced naturally in the body.

The light particles known as photons are found in all cells of our body and control all metabolic processes. However, since the cell system of a sick patient is weakened, there are only very few of these light particles left in the cells of the body.

Within the biophoton treatment, additional photons are selectively supplied to the weakened cells. Thereby, the light particles reach the nervous system through the skin. Consequently, the production of hormones such as endorphins is promoted, which have a positive effect on numerous bodily functions.

In this way, pain, muscle tension or stress are effectively alleviated. The administered biophotons also promote the transport of oxygen and nutrients and hence contribute to a faster healing of injured tissue.

In our trusted physiotherapy centre.

The therapeutic exercise and movement programme is adapted to the needs of the patient.  The aim is for patients to become or remain independent again after an illness or injury. In this context, physical performance makes a decisive impact on the quality of life.

The aim is to restore or maintain normal function step by step and to increase the exercise capacity.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a chronic neuroimmunological systemic disease of unclear aetiology. The leading symptom is persistent mental and physical exhaustion (fatigue) up to bedriddenness as well as other symptoms such as headache and muscle pain, swelling of the lymph nodes and neurological disorders. We screen for chronic infections such as EBV. Based on the available results, we offer an individual infusion concept that is tailored to the patient. This can be supplemented by light therapy, ozone therapy, magnetic field therapy and hyperthermia. Just contact us.

Long Covid Syndrome - What to do?

Based on our experience with chronic infections, we offer a targeted diagnosis of long covid syndrome and a personalised therapy for each patient.