Long Covid Syndrome - What to do?

Based on our experience with chronic infections, we offer a targeted diagnosis of long covid syndrome and a personalised therapy for each patient.


Long covid syndrome is characterised by extreme tiredness (fatigue) and extreme exhaustion. In addition, there is severely reduced performance, palpitations, shortness of breath, lack of concentration, headaches, insomnia and “brainfog”. Sometimes there is also hearing and vision impairment, leg pain, hair loss, tinnitus, sleep disorders and heart palpitations.


Several causes are being considered. For example, the virus could be persistent, as the antibodies formed against Covid are not able to kill the virus everywhere in the body. Thus, the viruses could settle in so-called reservoirs somewhere in the tissue and repeatedly launch new attacks from there. Furthermore, it is conceivable that fragments of the virus could remain in the tissues after the defence battle with the immune system. These may still trigger a reaction of the immune system months after the original infection, which then attacks its own body with a kind of continuous bombardment in order to catch them. The cause of the long covid system then corresponds to an overreaction of the immune system with the formation of autoantibodies. These trigger autoimmune diseases.

In addition, chronic infections that were previously undetected break out due to the weakened immune system. Exposure to heavy metals and mould toxins as well as the disruption of the body’s own detoxification capacities, such as MTHFR, can further complicate the situation.


Based on our experience with chronic infections, we offer a methodical diagnosis and a therapy that is coordinated with and for the patient. We check our patients for covid and chronic infections – the spectrum includes bacterial, viral and parasitic infections -, for selected metabolic and inflammatory parameters and check the immune system.

On the basis of this information, we work out a therapy concept adapted to the patient.

This initially includes – if necessary – therapy of the chronic infection and therapy with selected infusions and micronutrients. This is individually supplemented by ozone therapy, oxygen therapy, acupuncture and moderate hyperthermia.

The aim of this therapy is to alleviate the symptoms of Long Covid and above all to improve the extreme tiredness and fatigue.