Medical ozone activates the metabolism of red blood cells, improves oxygen transport and tissue oxygen absorption.

What is ozone?

As a 3-atom oxygen compound (O3), ozone is a high-energy form of normal atmospheric oxygen (O2) whose molecules are made up of 2 oxygen atoms.

Medical ozone is made from the purest oxygen and is always an ozone-oxygen mixture, with a maximum ozone content of 5%. Since the ozone molecule is not stable, medical ozone is always freshly produced and administered at the time of use.

The ozone concentration is precisely dosed in micrograms per millilitre.

How does ozone work?

Medical ozone improves blood flow and thus   circulatory disorders . It activates the metabolism of   the red blood cells, improves oxygen transport and the   oxygen uptake of the tissues. The metabolism of the cells is improved overall.

It activates immune cells, which then produce specific messenger substances (cytokines, interferons, interleukins), thus curing painful inflammations. Ozone has a pronounced bactericidal, fungicidal and antiviral effect. It activates the body’s own antioxidants and radical scavengers. Fats (cholesterol and triglycerides) are broken down more effectively. Ozone supports the liver significantly in detoxification and is able to treat a variety of systemic conditions in the intestine well and successfully in the form of rectal insufflation. We use ozone to destroy the biofilms that are almost always present in patients with Lyme disease and chronic infections and reduce the effectiveness of therapy.

How is ozone applied?

Large autologous blood therapy with ozone:

Here, approx. 100 ml of blood is taken from the arm vein into an infusion bottle and enriched with a  defined quantity and concentration of the ozone-oxygen mixture. The oxygen-rich blood is then infused back into the vein. The entire treatment takes about half an hour.

On the one hand, we use the circulation-enhancing   properties of ozone to revitalise and improve the metabolism. On the other hand, ozone therapy has a very favourable effect on our immune system and thus strengthens our defences.

Intestinal insufflation

In rectal insufflation, ozone-oxygen is introduced into the rectum in a defined quantity via a catheter. The ozone is absorbed by the intestinal wall and fed into the blood. This treatment is suitable for inflammatory bowel diseases. However, it can also be used instead of the large autologous blood treatment if the vein conditions are not good.