Private practice for Lyme disease and chronic infections

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We provide comprehensive support in all health issues concerning Lyme and co-infections. Thanks to our many years of experience and regular further training, we are your reliable contact partner.


Ms Blehle is a general practitioner specialising in Lyme disease and chronic infections. Other areas of expertise include therapy for MTHFR and chronic fatigue syndrome. After the BCA Clinic closed in 2020, she continues the care of the patients.

She is supported by the paediatrician and general practitioner Dr. Terezia Heim and a competent team familiar with the subject. Well-founded diagnostics and holistic therapy concepts with both antibiotics and naturopathic therapies are offered. Furthermore, the practice offers an intensified therapy concept over three weeks.

Our Therapy

We follow ILADS standards and offer our patients an individual and integrative treatment.

Whole body

Through a controlled body heating process, the body's defences are mobilised and the breakdown of deposited toxins is improved

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Magnetic field

The pulsating magnetic field system, which penetrates deep into the body, influences the electrical potential of the cells and stimulates them to activity.

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Oxygen therapy supplies oxygen (O2) to the blood. The body needs large amounts of oxygen to produce energy.

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Medical ozone activates the metabolism, improves oxygen transport and tissue oxygen uptake.

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What our patients say

A year ago, Marleen thought she would die. Now she fights for herself and other Lyme


There is no other key to recovery than determination…

A year and a half ago, if someone had told me I would be here, I wouldn’t have believed it. One and a half years of struggle. My life has totally changed.


There was a time when our daughter couldn’t read or write, hold a pen, used ipad with knuckles…

Now our daughter can do so much.


Thanks to Ion Cristea’s treatment and work, I was able to take my “first steps” in this clinic, which was a great feeling. I could even move my arm a little. We had tears in our eyes.


What makes us so special

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