Thanks to Ion Cristea’s treatment and work, I was able to take my “first steps” in this clinic, which was a great feeling. I could even move my arm a little. We had tears in our eyes.

This is my story from my admission to Alviasana.

I was bitten by a tick at the age of 5 but the symptoms returned 11 years later, in 2018.

The last few months before I left to go to Alviasana were a real descent into hell. I worsened very quickly until I became paralysed in my left arm and could no longer use my legs. I was no longer able to follow a conversation, write, read or remember what was said to me. I was handicapped, I had to be helped to wash, to eat, to dress…. I had very impressive symptoms: strong tremors, very strong migraines, convulsions, problems with my eyesight, breathing and also psychological symptoms… The disease had reached my nervous system and also my heart… I got worse over the course of 2 years, with ups and downs, I had reached the point of no return. I feared death a little more every day.

Unfortunately, no one in France was taking the illness seriously and no one could help me.

I was admitted to the Alviasana clinic in March 2021 after precise analyses in order to get the most suitable treatment possible. I received shock treatment during these 5 weeks of admission in day hospital: 5 hours of infusion per day, oxygen, physiotherapy and other therapies (ozone, luminotherapy…) which allowed me to live again!

I was able to take my “first steps” in this clinic thanks to the treatment and Ion´s (physiotherapist) work, which was a great feeling. I was even able to move my arm a little bit, we had tears in our eyes. All these things were possible thanks to this clinic! We met such human and caring people, I felt safe and able to fight this disease thanks to their support.

The fight is far from over. It will take another year before I am really better: long treatments, regular consultations, examinations … but now, some symptoms have already disappeared or diminished and it is simply incredible! I feel like I have been reborn.

The weeks have been very difficult, new symptoms, complications…. But I have been so well supported by this clinic and my family that I have managed to overcome every difficulty so far!

You would think that leaving a hospital would be a happy event, but it was a heartbreak to leave those people who saved my life, who accompanied me in the most difficult moments and who celebrated my victories.

Thanks to Alviasana, thanks to the best physiotherapist Ion, I was treated so well! I will be forever grateful to you!

Jeanne has documented her battle with the disease here:


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