There is no other key to recovery than determination…

A year and a half ago, if someone had told me I would be here, I wouldn’t have believed it. One and a half years of struggle. My life has totally changed.

If someone had told me a year and a half ago that I would be here, I would not have believed it.

One and a half years of struggle. My life has changed completely.

Medical wanderings, negligence of doctors who classified my symptoms as psychosomatic, suicide attempts, because the suffering was so horrible.

I would use the word psychiatric abuse, those words still resound in my head.

“You’re just victimising yourself, you’re not tired of repeating the same thing every day, this doctor is very competent…”.

But yet I was dying, this death was very close to me….

I kept searching to find out what was going on, and after two and a half months in the psychiatric unit, I met this doctor in France who took over my whole case, saved my life and kept me alive as best she could. But my condition didn’t get better, I went to other specialists who still treated me like a Nobody, I heard so many words…. “You are doing this to yourself, your deficits are your fault, you don’t deserve the treatment you are getting now….”

I can affirm that I often left those appointments in tears and my doctor received me in a piteous state.

But we never stopped looking for what was going on inside me, the reaction to everything around me, the terrible pain all over my body, the depersonalisation and so on.

And then a blood test shows Lyme disease…. I think if the former doctor had done her job properly, my lumbar puncture would have been inflamed during my hospital stay, and if she had looked for the reasons for the inflammation…. Lyme disease probably wouldn’t have attacked my neurological side as much…. My immune system was challenged, and consequently a variety of reactions to everything around me today…. With the rest of the symptoms that come with it….

I wanted to end everything because nothing was helping me, and then I came across this clinic….

I had to ask for financial help on the networks because I lost everything during that time.  I either had to publish this appeal or give up life….

A wave of solidarity developed which is still going on today, as most of the costs of these treatments are not covered. I cannot thank you all enough for making this dream of staying at this clinic a reality.

This clinic is great, they saved my life….

I arrived in a terrible state, no strength left, no life left in me, trapped in a body that was in pain, in a brain fog that made me react to everything, food, mould, pollution, smell, everything became oedema, vomiting, pricking reactions in my body, my brain no longer reacted to enable my body to work, speech disorders, thought disorders…. I came to this clinic, the only words I could pronounce were: ‘Kill me or save me’.

Kill me or save me.

In that treatment, your body is put to the ultimate test, your symptoms increase tenfold, you feel like death is not far away….

And yet, with determination, after 8 weeks of intensive treatment, the evolution takes place little by little.

Some co-infections are gone and my smile is back, others are still quite persistent, Bartonella…. I will still have to follow the therapy at home, work on walking, because there is actually some improvement, but I am still sick with this mast cell activation syndrome, approximately 1 year more work.

I never thought I could do something like this, never thought I would experience something like this.

And yet.

Thanks to all of you, thanks to this doctor in France, thanks to my most wonderful man in the world….

Alviasana, Doctor Blehle, the nurses, the whole team…. To Ion … I cannot thank you enough for this, as you have carried out a miracle…. for giving me back hope in life.

“Sometimes heal, often relieve, ALWAYS LISTEN”.

I have been listened to…

You heard me from up there….

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